Rebranding, logo & packaging design for Lliria (Cooperativa Vinícola, Comunidad Valenciana).  Premium olive oil in a reusable bottle, with an easy removable label, and a wood top which can be separated from the bottle to be used as a funnel to refill the glass container.

The purpose is to make this quality product stand out because of its unique origin and promote small cooperatives, who cultivate the olives with love and taking care of the ground that grows this gift. Thats why they also try to reduce the plastic packaging abuse, creating one that would last longer, and so useful that you want to keep it.

Collaborative ESDM project: Concept, design, 3D & photography LuciaCladd, Andrés Fernández.  Woodwork Irene López. Pack. illustration Matylda Polak.


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