Saving Lophelia (II)

Saving Lophelia (II)

We need less stuff, more practical, more usable, long-lasting, more sustainable, things that can be repaired if broken or torn, and valuable enough for us to do it.

Graphic and editorial design, hand made book binding.
I developed three convertible pieces, foldable into different bags each one, looking for new possiblilities and extended use for daily garments. Made of locally sourced organic cotton from threads to cords, with a biodegradable, non-toxic waterproof finishing. No button, zipper, or any other element which could hinder its post-consumer processing.

Inspired by traditional martial arts uniforms and vintage north-spain clothing and daily household objects.

Visit Saving Lophelia (I) for more info about this project.

TFE – Product Design, final degree project: Graphic design, dossier layout, photography & edit, garments & pattern design and making.